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Lichterstaub – Photography

My name is Stephanie Brouwer and i am a wedding photographer based in Hannover, Germany. The privilege of being able to document love is really precious to me and something i am grateful for every morning. When going to a wedding there are many things that just awaken a feeling of joy and excitement in me. It is a mixture of the grace of the bride when getting into her dress, the look of the groom when seeing her walk towards him for the first time, the tears of their parents, their story. I believe in love and the magic behind it. 

With my camera i have the opportunity to capture little details like beautiful flower crowns, the wedding shoos and big moments for my bridal couples like the first dance to keep forever. And to me this is huge, because i not only get to be there and take pictures of this real life happy end, i also have fun during the wedding, because i see how beautiful the memories will be that the couple and their guests created.

I am originally from the Dominican Republic, so by nature i am a really warm person who finds everything sparkly and exciting and likes getting to know people and smiling.  I like my pictures to be natural because i find there is a special beauty in reactions and also because i want my couples to really recognize themselves when seeing the images. I put all my energy and heart into this company, because i really want to succeed in what i do and grow each day both as a photographer but also as a person. Take a look at my Fotoblog and feel free to contact me for further information.